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Vulnerability Management

Do you have a MATURE Vulnerability Management Process?

Vulnerability Management is NOT SIMPLY purchasing a product for vulnerability scanning and just exporting a PDF report and sending it to the different technology departments hoping to mitigate the so-called “Christmas Tree of Vulnerabilities” (high / medium / low).

 A vulnerability management process carries on a human element, where experienced staff in this field can generate ESSENTIAL criteria, trying to catalog the outcome of the identified vulnerabilities by the product and transmitting an overlook of mitigation and controls necessary for the correction of critical vulnerabilities in the organization’s infrastructure.


Flowchart of a MATURE vulnerability management process

This is why Devel Security not only provides the scanning product but provides a deep knowledge on how to fix and classify the vulnerabilities shown by different scanning products.

Among the solutions that Devel Security provides are:

  1. Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner solution that finds the risk that really matters, it is positioned on the leader Quadrant of Gartner of “Vulnerability Assessment” category. This positioning has been achieved thanks to the innovations that have been made in the information security area and the constant and quick detection of new vulnerabilities by the research and development of RAPID7.
  2. Metasploit  is the solution the exploits vulnerabilities found with NeXpose’s tool. This tool helps make penetration tests more efficient and simple; expediting common tasks, such as discovery, exploitation, brute force and reporting. Provides evasion methods and subsequent advanced exploitation, finally supports an auditor with the efficient management of the large amounts of data that big evaluations generates.
  3. Nessus has been, from its inception, one of the pioneer vulnerability scanners of the market. It began as an open source project and became one of the most used solutions in the vulnerability analysis market. A solution with great potential to the small and medium-sized businesses that have within their goals the continuous improvements in the technological security environment.
  4. Onapsis X1 is the first tool of the industry specialized on vulnerability scans of ERP systems. This solution allows organizations to continuously perform automated vulnerability scans, vulnerability exploit and compliance audits on SAP platforms. Using Onapsis X1 organizations achieve reduction of risks associated with SAP platforms, at the same time it reduces financial fraud risks and reinforces compliance with international security standards.
  5. Acunetix is the pioneer and market leader solution associated with web application vulnerability scanners. It is capable of detecting security deficiencies in modern web applications (Web 2.0) through a set of techniques and complex vector attacks that criminals use to compromise the information of web applications. Acunetix provides organizations visibility of the risk involved on web applications developed in house or outsourced. One of the greatest advantages Acunetix has is that it is completely aligned with OWASP TOP 10, the guide that defines the biggest threats on websites and web applications.

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