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Security Monitoring Managment

HP’s ArcSight is the industry-leading solution that addresses modern IT security threats and risks across all organizations from the enterprise to the small and medium-sized business. HP ArcSight platform is the only unique and scalable solution for monitoring threats and risks in an environment of borderless networks, persistent threats, and enterprise risks.

We enable you to collect, consolidate and correlate enterprise wide security events. HP Arcsight collects and analyzes events from any device, any vendor, anytime, anywhere. HP ArcSight correlates system events, flow information, and user and application activity to help answer the who, what, where, when, and how of everything that has happened or is currently happening within your organization.

  • Automate pattern analysis, protect application transaction and secure your information.
  • Integrate correlation and log management, automate operations and research terabytes of data within seconds.
  • Storage and manage log data, automate reporting compliance and increase business intelligence.

DevelSecurity offers a variety of services for SIEM environments.

  • HP ArcSight Environment Maintenance: We ensure stability, availability and performance of your SIEM environment.
  • SOC Remote Management: Efficient and cost effective security monitoring that DevelSecurity offers: flexibility, automation and integration of your business. We can manage your ArcSight environment removing the workload from your team, we will fix your problems and keep your system running without you even realizing it.
  • SIEM Consulting: DevelSecurity’s team of experts deliver an upscale architecture of SIEM infrastructure, implementation and customization with ArcSight

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