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Managed Security Services


DevelSecurity has a wide range of services and products to ensure information security within organizations, Aiming to solve problems such as protection, privacy and confidentiality.

DevelSecurity has launched several services aimed both to advise and to implement new solutions for your organization to be protected under any eventuality.

These services are divided in two categories:

Standards and Regulations Advisory

Specific services on compliance of a technological system or the information security of the internal processes of your organization,

  • Analysis and evaluation for implementation of an ISMS on ISO 27001:2013 standard.
  • Risk analysis on international methodologies such as MAGERIT and ISO 27005.
  • Analysis and evaluation for contingency plans ISO BS25999
  • Certification and consulting on PCI-DSS.
  • Generate audit controls on COBIT.

Information Security Assessments

Specific services of auditing that guarantee the maximum security on technology systems of your organization.

  • Studies and implementation of information security solutions. 
  • Vulnerability scanning over wireless networks.
  • Vulnerability scanning on Web applications.
  • Vulnerability scanning on voice over IP.
  • Vulnerability scanning of static/dynamic code.
  • Security audits and Ethical Hacking.
  • Forensic investigations to fit your needs.
  • Anti-phishing solutions.

All services under each category are strongly assured by confidentiality and quality of service agreements. These commitments are demonstrated in all implemented projects with our portfolio, This provides an added value to our proposals.

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