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Are you interested in the information security world?

Welcome to one of the most solid technical certifications in the country. Our courses are completely practical and you will learn to introduce yourself to the vulnerability research world and the highest audit and system intrusion techniques on the industry.

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Do you know if your security products are doing their job?

If you are ready to audit the infrastructure of your organization or if you would like to know how you are doing based on a technological risk level. We invite you to see the methodology and to be part of the change.

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How do you know or measure cybernetic attacks?

Based on the constant cybernetic attacks and the exposure that exist on the internet, we have created the best service with highly qualified professionals on threat identification and attacks that the industry may offer you.

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DevelSecurity specializes in information security professional services. Founded in 2007 by specialized consultants in information security.

Counseling their clients to improve their security culture, conducting security audits that have helped improve their technological infrastructure, software development methodologies and organizational culture towards a culture based on information security.

Our Solutions

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