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DevelSecurity Profile


Devel Security is a company specialized in professional information security services. Founded by consultants specialized in information security since 2007.

Research and Development have been a primary objective in the strategy since its beginning, constantly updating their services and methodologies based on the emergence of new technologies. Several new technologies and architectures are constantly being tested in a state of the art information security lab, simulating production environments of its many customers, allowing to thoroughly identify vulnerabilities and their actual risk level.

Devel Security has developed numerous projects in different Latin American countries such as Spain, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. It has more than five years of experience since its constitution and it’s consultants combine more than 40 years of experience.

Working mainly on financial institutions, Devel Security has advised its clients to improve their security standards, mainly, by performing security audits that helped them improve their infrastructure and software development methodologies.

Due to to the fact that DevelSecurity’s main market has been the financial market, many of its consultants come from this sector, knowing the threats and solutions that this market requires. Many have worked on implementation of electronic payment systems and the technological requirements for this type of business.

One of the core values that defines Devel Security is its ongoing research on the threats and solutions of the regional market. Committing themselves to annually certify its staff  on different security areas, assuring the extensive knowledge of the staff and generating an added value for its client’s portfolio.

Devel Security has worked predominantly on Central American institutions, being its main market, during the past five years, its primary specialization has been security audits as well as consulting an implementations of security solutions.


Establish an alternative NEUTRAL solution in the information security industry outside of brands and products.

Its maximum value is to respect its neutrality on brands and products, providing a solution based on the real needs of its clients, fitting the best solution that it’s available on the market, resulting from a prior analysis of a cost-benefit analysis that maximizes their client investment.


Providing its clients the HIGHEST QUALITY of information security services, transforming its knowledge and experience in value for the benefit of their customers.


Provide the highest quality of knowledge in information security standards, being it’s foundation, that all consultants must be committed to keep strengthening their own knowledge in order to provide services based on experience, wisdom and knowledge.

Within the staff, several of its consultants have the following security certifications:


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